Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hilbre Islands Cheshire

The Brydons in Summer
This is the fifth book in a series of nineteen about the Brydons family. It was first published in 1949.
The Brydons live at One Elm Cottage, Milchester, a village in the north of England. Next door to them at Beechacres is St. Jonathan’s Convalescent Hospital for Crippled Children, where their mother, Dr. Brydon, is the doctor-in-charge.
The Brydons, Roger, Ruth, Simon and Susan who are twins, and Dan, are all looked after by Miss Marsden. ‘Marsdie’ is an old friend of their mother’s. Or perhaps it is better to say that the Brydons look after Marsdie, as she is terribly forgetful. Sam Mitton is Dan’s special friend and shares all the Brydon adventures.
In this book there are three major scenes. The first is about a day in which the boys and the girls decide to swap the chores of the household. The girls do the tasks normally allotted to the boys and the boys undertake the cleaning and the cooking. Disaster ensues. The second is about the Garden Party at St. Jonathan’s Hospital where sporting events cause fun and amusement. Three weeks later the inmates of the hospital go on a trip to the sands at Hoylake on the Dee Estuary. Inevitably the Brydon boys and Sam get involved in an adventure on the Hilbre islands which nearly leads to disaster. The book has a neat little sketch map which makes the setting clear.

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