Saturday, 5 March 2011

Coast of Yorkshire

Fifteen year old Bill Walton of Long Island, U.S.A., lives a carefree, adventurous life sailing his beautiful shining boat off the Sound, happy among his many friends, proud of captaining his school football team. Suddenly Bill's mother dies, and everything is changed.Bill decides to take his young sister Merrie to live with "Gram," the grandmother he has never met, in a tiny Yorkshire fishing village.
Bill's sister Merrie falls sick on the Atlantic crossing, but even worse, Gram is not there to meet them at Southampton! Bewildered and homesick Bill finds his own way up to Yorkshire.
Whilst suddenly happy in their new home with Gram, Bill finds he is unwelcome in the village and is looked upon as a "foreigner." He has a tough time living down an early fight with local boys, Rolf, Tim and Pete over the possession of a drifting boat he salvages and which he hopes to repair and sail again himself. How Bill lives down this first disastrous accident and takes part in an exciting fishing expedition; how he passes his first strange and frightening day at an English school and how he heroically rescues his former enemies in a terrifying storm at sea, is all vividly relived in this enthralling story of courage and high adventure set against the authentic background of the storm-ridden, sea-battered Yorkshire coast.

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