Thursday, 3 March 2011

Coast of Wales

This story is about sailing adventures around the coast of Wales. It is the first of a series of three about the same group of children. In the second story "Winklepicker Goes South" the children sail south from near Harlech and call at other Welsh ports and then continue their journey round to Plymouth and also to Exmouth. The final book in the trio of stories starts in Exmouth and pursues a voyage to Jersey in the Channel Isles. This is called "Winklepicker and Paper Dart". However, it is the first story that is truly based in Wales.
The books are written by Heather Moon and they are illustrated by Gavin Rowe. They also each have maps which help to illustrate just where the voyages are taking place.
"Winklepicker" is the best of the three because the remaining two stray much too far from the bounds of possibility. In particular "Winklepicker Goes South" introduces a plot about terrorism and attempted world domination by nuclear blackmail that sits very poorly with the down-to-earth motivations of the first in the series.
The three young people in the first of the series set out to fulfil a modest ambition of possessing in some way a sailing boat that they can use off the coast of Lleyn peninsula whilst still under their parents' supervision. The boat Winklepicker and the boatyard at Pensarn are vital ingredients in the plot. Some of the other characters in the story are given malicious motives which are only revealed in the last frantic section of action at sea.

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