Wednesday, 22 December 2010

In the sea near Lancashire

The Brydons Go Canoeing actually takes us to an incident at sea off the coast of Lancashire. On a trip to Heysham the family expedition is suddenly curtailed when they find that recent storms have dislodged a WW2 floating mine. It lies there in the channel with its horns brooding just below the service. The obvious thing to do is to get well away from it and make their way to land immediately. Having made this sensible decision they are suddenly overtaken by events. Moving at high speed up the channel towards them is a small cargo boat. How can they make sure that it stops in time as there is no way of getting their message on board before the vessel runs into disaster ? Two of the Brydon family decide that they have to stage a deliberate capsize which makes them look like they are sinking and in great peril.

The older members of the family have got ashore to try to ensure that the Isle of Man ferry does not run any risks without the authorities being warned. The twins are left in charge of the youngest members who are suddenly faced with the uncoming cargo boat. Dan and Mat

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