Saturday, 18 December 2010

Family at the Tide

The story is set near Chichester and the world is one of mud.Frank Knight's book is not quite what might expect. It is about a particular stretch of water that somehow seems without dramatic potential. It is also very much a family story. The younger boys do have character facets that are appealing. However, it is quite clear that father,mother and daughter are the central personalities about whom the reader is most interested.
The father may be a retired naval officer who has thrown up his job with an insurance company because he has not adjusted to life after the war. He is responsible for the whole family and it seems as though his life is guided by his much wiser wife who treats him a it like a child who has to be indulged. She knows that he needs to follow his star or he will make all their lives miserable. In a section that appears to be autobiographical the father sets out to become an author who can bring financial responsibility to his growing family.
Yett he end of the book brings a totally different experience for the father proves to be a totally different sort of hero. He helps Maureen and young

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