Monday, 1 November 2010

Round the coast

Start at the River Tyne and then head south. We pass the Wear and the Tees and get down to the Esk and then to the Humber. From the Humber we can move down round the coast of Lincolnshire and to the Wash. Round the Wash you can go round Norfolk and Suffolk and Essex until we reach the Thames. From the Thames we then set off for Kent and through to Dover. Progress along from Dover to East Sussex and West Sussex. Hampshire,Dorset and Devon to Cornwall and to Landsend. From Landsend and round to Lundy and from there up to Bristol. Round the South Wales coast and up until we get to North Wales and Llandudno. From Llandudno round to the Dee, Cheshire and the Mersey, From the Mersey up to Southport and to Blackpool and Morecambe. The coast of Cumbria then takes you up to Carlisle. The Solway firth takes you round to Stranraer and then from there up to Ayr and then Glasgow. Northwards we go until we reach Oban and later Ullapool. Round to Wick and John O'Groats. South we go to Inverness and then Aberdeen and Dundee and St. Andrews. From the mouth of the Forth down to Berwickshire and then from Berwick to the mouth of the Tyne again.
Inner Hebides and Outer Hebrides, Orkneys and Shetlands,Isle of Man, Scilly Islands, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight.Now let us try a list:-
1. From Tyne to Humber.
2. From Humber to the Wash.

3. From the Wash to the Thames. Broads as well
4, From the Thames to Dover.

5. Kent, East Sussex,West Sussex
6. Hampshire and Dorset. Isle of Wight as well. Channel Islands

7. Devon and Cornwall to Landsend. Scilly as well
8. From Landsend to Bristol.

9. From Bristol to Llandudno Anglesey as well
10.From Llandudno to Liverpool.

11. From Liverpool to Carlisle Isle of Man as well
12. From Carlisle to Glasgow.

13. From Glasgow to Ullapool. Western Isles
14. From Ullapool to the Forth. Orkneys and Shetlands

15. From the Forth to the Tweed.
16. From the Tweed to the Tyne.

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