Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Four books by George Elvey Haley

Cormorant Ahoy,Cormorant Sails Again,Cormorant's Commandos and Cormorant on Patrol are the four books in the series. Both Cormorant's Commandos and Cormorant on Patrol involve voyages from Whitby in north Yorkshire to a small island near the Manacles in the Channel.
Cormorant's Commandos also involves a brief visit to a lightship in the North Sea and this appears to be stationed off the mouth of the Humber. (Check details). The young crew believe that they are possibly headed for the Isle of Wight and they stop for a while in Dover.
When on the island -a fictional one not far from Plymouth - (which they name Dead Man's Chest)they become engaged in a war with older teenagers who are busy slaughtering the birds in order to make a profit. ON one occasion the younger members of the crew are immobilized by a rope deliberately wrapped around the screw of their propeller. They are unable to get back to Dead Man's Chest before they encounter storm force winds which prevent them from landing and which drive them down Channel and out into the Atlantic. A period of tremendous anxiety ends with a safe return home. Further explorations and warlike encounters continue until an unexpected discovery in a partly submerged cave is made. Rewards them come along for them all,

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