Monday, 25 October 2010


Don't Expect Any Mercy - Henry Treece
Don't Expect any Mercy by Henry Treece
From Lincolnshire to Shropshire and across to Sark Gordon Stewart
pursues his enemies.
"Don't expect any mercy" by Henry Treece starts by the side of the
River Humber
"and there below me kay the broad Humber, just as I had laast seen
it, two years before - silver blue and majestic, still lightly
clothed in the pearl-grey mists of early morning."
"As I gazed before me from the hilltop across the Humber, I picked
out once again the green and golden wolds of Yorkshire, and to my
right hand the distant towers and chimnies, the domes and gantries of
Hull, mysterious in the morning haze."
He visits one of the local beauty spots called Banyon's Manor.
"as we walked around the manor, its many scars came into close and
pathetic view. PIllars had been dragged down by the front door,
bringing with them a mass of crumbled masonry; leading had been torn
brutally frrom what had been noble windows; along the golden walls,
semi-literate hads had scrawled such messages as:
'Beware; Ye gost walks hear at midnight !'"

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